Jan 212013

“Oh, my dear neglected blog
How I love you, but neglect you
For the rapid-fire nature of Twitter has rendered you obsolete
Like the something something something.”

Okay, I’m not a bard. I only play one in Dream of Mana.

So, I haven’t blogged since September 30, and I strangely stopped at Post #999. (Note: if you can’t find 999 posts, it’s because my entire LJ archive is in there, and most of it is private. Sorry, I don’t feel like exposing my younger passive-aggressive self to the world.) I’d like to make this site a little more, uh, “social media-like” so that it’ll encourage me to post more, but that would require me to devote some time that I don’t have (or don’t want to devote).

So, I’ll give a rapid-fire account of what’s going on with my life. Warning, though: I’ll talk a lot about video games.

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Sep 302012

Title: Electric Parade (Part 3)
Series: Unbound
Rated: G
Summary: Zack Dawson, our intrepid hero from the hit series Unbound, gets himself into a load of trouble when he tries and saves the day by himself.

(Part 1 (and background) | Part 2)

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